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How To Stand Out As A Yoga Teacher

5 ways to grow your classes, connect with your students and transform your student’s lives ….without a big following or decades of experience.

Allison Rissel

We aren’t messing around.

Here are the 5 things we’re going to walk you through:

  • How to create a yoga experience that people want to come back for over & over again, even if you are new to teaching or don’t feel like you have found your voice as a teacher
  • The 5 C’s to stand out as a yoga teacher, even if you have a small following
  • The “right” words that will help you teach clearly
  • Ways to get hired as a yoga teacher, even if you don’t have any teaching experience
  • The secret to creating inclusive classes that make all students feel included and connected

Ready to finally stand out as a yoga teacher?

Why this masterclass?

I get it, you’ve already invested in yoga teacher training. Isn’t that enough?

Part of you doubts you’ll ever stand out enough online to actually fill your yoga classes.

Part of you doubts you know enough to teach yoga. Shouldn’t you have learned everything in your 200 (or 500)?

Part of you questions if you’ll ever feel confident enough to create yoga classes for different body types.

And part of you is totally OVER all the standard advice like:

  • “Visualize your best class and it will happen.”
  • “Teaching for free is the best way to get experience.”
  • “Take one more training and you’ll finally be a good teacher.”

We get it.

Teaching yoga is a life-long journey and you can’t learn everything in a 200-hour.

With over 3,000 hours of formal yoga training and 3 decades of yoga teaching experience, we are teaching you the exact ways we create exciting experiences for our students and stand out as yoga teachers.

Over the last several years, we have honed these simple methods to:

  • Fill our yoga classes, workshops and events
  • Step into our own power as yoga teachers
  • Meet our own expectations as yoga teachers

Now, we’re revealing the 5 powerful C’s of teaching yoga. Steps that helped us go from questioning and scared yoga teachers to successful full-time yoga teachers. 

Stand Out as a Yoga Teacher

ANY yoga teacher can take these steps. Seriously.

We believe in meeting each teacher where they are and honoring your path of growth. You have everything you need to continue to improve as a yoga teacher. We will help you tap into your own brilliance, blast through obstacles, and develop more confidence as you continue your yoga teaching journey. 

And when the Yoga Teacher Conf hosts events, they are EXPERIENTIAL! The info is action packed and not sales-y. 

Stand Out

We aren’t teaching you stuff “by the book.”

We are revealing the EXACT ways we stand out as yoga teachers.

Whether you: 

  • Are a brand new yoga teacher
  • Are looking to become a full-time yoga teacher
  • Are an established yoga teacher feeling burned out and wishing for more students/time/abundance/community of teachers 

This is going to change the game for you.

Are you willing to see what’s possible?


I’ve done SO many webinars / masterclasses / trainings. Is this class actually different?

YES! What we are teaching is not often talked about in yoga teacher training. 

Many yoga teacher trainings teach you the poses and different tools but they don’t actually teach you HOW to teach yoga. They don’t teach you how to connect with your students or create yoga experiences. 

This masterclass will pull all of the pieces together so you become a better teacher.

I’ve been a yoga teacher for years, will this still be relevant?

O yeah! Especially if you’re feeling burned out or stuck as a teacher. You’ll learn new tools to connect with your students and feel re-invigorated as a yoga teacher. 

I’m a brand new yoga teacher and I have no idea what I’m doing. Will I be overwhelmed?

We really, really, REALLY hope you come! If we had this information at the beginning of our teaching journey, it would have saved us so much time, energy and money. Please attend this training. Don’t go through years of struggles like we did.

When is it? What if I can’t attend live? 

If you’re reading this now, we ran the live training. But don’t worry – you’ll get INSTANT access to the replay so you can start standing out immediately!

What are your credentials to teach this?

Between the three of us, we have over 3,000 hours of formal yoga training and two decades of teaching experience. 

Sheri Fisher received her M.A. in Transpersonal (Spiritual) Psychology from Atlantic University and her B.S. in Business from Colorado State University. She is an E-RYT200, YACEP and Budokon Yoga teacher. She has been teaching since 2010. Sheri’s upcoming book, Root To Rise: Your Evolutionary Journey of Teaching Yoga, helps new yoga teachers bridge the gap between their 200-hour YTT and teaching exceptional classes. Sheri specializes in teaching The Five Pillars of Powerful Teaching to yoga teachers and fitness instructors.

John Cottrell, Ph.D. is a yoga instructor and certified yoga therapist in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has been teaching yoga since 2000. John is originally from Oakland, California earning his Master of Science and Ph.D. from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto, California. His clinical practice led him to child and adolescent psychotherapy, drug and alcohol treatment, psychological and neuropsychological testing, and group/couples therapy. John continues his devotion to sharing health and well being through his business, mbody, from which he offers private and group yoga classes, yoga therapy, workshops, retreats, written yoga articles, and a men’s yoga clothing line.

Allison Rissel has been teaching yoga since 2006 and has completed over 2,000 hours of yoga and yoga therapy training plus her master’s degree in exercise science. Over the last five years she has trained over 100 yoga teachers in North Dakota, Montana and South Dakota. She is the founder of the Yoga Teacher Conf and the co-founder of the North Dakota Yoga Conference and 406 Yoga Conference. Her primary yoga therapy teacher is Hansa Knox of the Kripalu yoga tradition.

Those questions being answered, only one more step.