Social Justice and Leadership for Yoga Teachers

Become an advocate of healing and change in your community.

Are you clear on your responsibility as a yoga teacher?

Are you, as a yoga teacher, truly living the practice of yoga yourself?

Do you feel comfortable applying the teachings of yoga to social justice & leadership in your community?

Are you ready to take actions that promote positive social change?

Do you want to “lead,” influence or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations in the wellness space, but unsure where to start?

YOU are a leader in your community.

Step into your leadership role and learn how to:

  • Get clear on your unique role in social justice as a yoga teacher
  • Create spaces of well-being so you & your students feel included and safe in their practice
  • Hold yourself accountable and BE an agent of change 
  • Demonstrate the three major core competencies of all yoga teachers
  • Answer the question: How do I serve?

Why should I care about social justice as a yoga teacher?

As yoga teachers, we are leaders in our communities. We can’t stand by and think that dys-function is okay. We must step up and apply the teachings of yoga to social justice & leadership.

This Masterclass will illuminate the areas of teaching yoga that often are left out of yoga teacher training and yoga business practices. 

We will explore how social justice and leadership are precisely related and fundamental to holding the seat of a yoga teacher.

The yoga teacher path can sometimes be messy and uncomfortable.

But in order to inspire change, we need clear and deep conversations focused on our leadership role and influence.

Join Kourtney de la Luz for a conversation that brings together east and west, global consciousness, self-improvement and love.

Are you ready to engage in the difficult conversations?


I’ve done SO many webinars/masterclasses/trainings. Is this class actually different?

YES! What we are teaching is not often talked about in yoga teacher training. 

Many yoga teacher trainings don’t talk about leadership, ethics and social justice.

This masterclass will help you dive deeper into your own self-study so you can become an advocate for change in your community.

Why should I have these conversations now?

We are in a unique time in history that calls for spiritually advanced social skills and new business models with soul-full leadership that supports all people thriving. 

The goal is to move towards better than normal.

It is your responsibility and privilege as a yoga teacher to engage in these conversations.

When is it? What if I can’t attend live? 

If you’re reading this then you already missed us live. But don’t worry – sign up now and you’ll get instant access to the replay!

What are your credentials to teach this?

Kourtney de la Luz is a personal and business coach, visionary, keynote speaker, consultant, and yoga teacher who is committed to guiding people and organizations to reach their highest potential.

With roots in broadcast journalism, her calling has always been to share messages that inspire, transform, and elevate life.

Kourtney’s areas of expertise lie in leadership, personal development, yoga-based life skills, and work-life balance, with an affinity for women’s issues.

A self-described global citizen, she has collaborated on humanitarian and community yoga projects with SAATH Nepal, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living, and organizations throughout Latin America.

Skilled in the creation and enhancement of community, she is the founder of the East Meets West Yoga Event, and principal of Elevate Your Life Coaching and Consultancy Group.