Panel Discussion:

What Happens Next?

Join us for a FREE virtual panel discussion with Yoga Unify and IAYT.

Feeling unsure of your yoga teaching future?

The yoga industry has shifted in the past two years with studios closing, teachers and therapists making a mass exodus and social justice moving to the forefront of our yoga practice.

What happens next?

Leadership is a vital part of our industry moving forward. 
Discover how two of the top organizations in the yoga teacher industry will support us moving forward in this FREE panel discussion.
In this panel discussion, we’ll talk about:
✅    How yoga teachers can get better access to earn a living wage
✅    The benefits and pitfalls of virtual learning and trainings
✅    How virtual yoga is part of our profession moving forward
✅    Ways to recover from the devastating impacts of COVID 
✅    What happens next – The future of the yoga teacher industry in 5 and 10 years
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Your Panel Discussion Hosts…

Yoga Unify - Elevate YTC

Yoga Unify

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Yoga Unify is a not-for-profit, participatory network dedicated to empowering the evolution of yoga. Created by yogis for our yoga communities, Yoga Unify offers standards in instruction without standardization. Yoga Unify at every level is a supportive blend of governance and guidance that honors ancient wisdom while meeting modern needs. YU aims to address the challenges plaguing every facet of the industry, from the poverty-line payment structure to the profound effects of the pandemic on our studios, to the ever-present elephants in the room: equity and ethics.

Heather Sheree Titus Yoga Unify


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IAYT supports research and education in yoga and serves as a professional organization for yoga teachers and yoga therapists worldwide. Our mission is to establish yoga as a recognized and respected therapy.

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