Sirena’s Star Report: October

As we move into the last quarter of 2021, October offers a chance opportunity to finally feel like we can move forward.

We enter this month with six planets in retrograde, four of which will turn direct. The most well known retrograde is Mercury. Retrograde means that if you look up in the sky at the planet, it appears to be going “backwards”and when a planet’s elliptical orbit appears to be moving in a different direction, it offers a chance to slow down and recalibrate in that area of life.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Libra and is in its last retrograde season for 2021. Libra is an air sign and trines with Gemini and Aquarius. Those other two air signs may feel more of an effect of this retro season than others. Air signs rule thoughts, information, and details. Libra governs close one on one relationships, considered the ‘marriage’ sign, but applies to partnerships, close friendships, and business connections.

When Mercury in Libra is retrograde, ex friends, lovers, and partners may reach out and want to reenter your life. Why?

There is something that was left unsaid, undone, unprocessed. Explore this as an opportunity to understand, learn the lesson, or notice the message.

Mercury turns direct on October 18.

Libra rules the lower back and kidneys, wonderful opportunity through October to stretch and strengthen this area of your body. Working on the core, ultimately supports your lower back. Seek out hydration and detox for the kidneys, give them some love this month by working with a Chinese Herb specialist, therapist, or getting a checkup.

October 6 there is a new moon in Libra and Pluto turns direct.

This new moon in Libra is a start to a new cycle, write down your intentions in areas of your life you need to find more balance; work, home, play, relationships, diet, etc. Where do you feel out of balance?

We are encouraged to set goals in our relationship communication, and maybe we are feeling more flirty and social. With a dark moon, our energy is low, try balance breath to calm the mind and find harmony in your thoughts.

On this day, Pluto the planet of evolution and transformation will go direct. Pluto rules over our psyche, find Capricorn in your chart and which house it is transiting. This is where you may be experiencing the most transformation with Pluto traveling through, it is time to step forward into the light after experiencing the darkness.

On October 10, Saturn in Aquarius moves direct. Saturn is the planet of discipline, rules, and traditions. It often feels like the difficult parent pushing you to do and be better. In Aquarius, it is restructuring your hopes and dreams for your future and rebuilding your community and friend groups.

It is definitely good to keep dreaming, envisioning yourself accomplishing your goals, however, bring a maturity level to it to build a super solid foundation. Look for Aquarius in your chart, which house is experiencing a maturation?

On October 17 Jupiter in Aquarius moves direct. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, optimism, and good luck. It offers expansion and progression in the area of your chart that Aquarius is in. Again, Aquarius is restructuring your hopes and dreams for your future and rebuilding your community and friend groups. Where Saturn contracts this area of your life and possibly removes, Jupiter steps in to bring new chances and prospects and expand.

Aquarius rules the ankles and circulation. Toe balance is a fantastic way to strengthen those ankles! Remember to stretch them as well. Ankles represent our flexibility in life, check in with them this month and ask yourself how flexible am I really? Especially in Libra relationship season

On October 20, there is a full moon in Aries, ruling the head so tension may be apparent, causing headaches or migraines. Mars rules this moon, be ready for tempers, frustration and intensity. During a full moon we typically have a lot more energy, not able to sleep and may want to express ourselves more aggressively. The opposition here is the relationship to one’s Self (Aries) against the relationship to the other (Libra).  This full moon will provide an intense torrent of energy, because it activates a T-Square aspect between the Sun and Mars, the Moon, and Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth.

Underlying anger and frustration will be brought to a boiling point, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. A breaking point happens so it can be processed, cleared, and transformed.

Lastly on October 22, the Sun moves into Scorpio and the emphasis is on the psyche, evolution of the soul, and facing the darkness. It rules the pelvis and reproductive system, pay special attention to this area; hot baths, tantra and relaxation.

Gentle asana such as cat/cow and bridge can bring a loving awareness to the movement and awareness of the pelvis. Meditations or chakra clearing for the Sacral Chakra is recommended.

More to come on Scorpio as we navigate a transformational November with an eclipse!



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