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Astrology for yoga teachers


Create class themes from the moon phases

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Free Trainings for Yoga Teachers

Redefine the Role of Yoga Teacher – Social Justice & Leadership

It is time to expand and upgrade your job description. Explore the deeper layers of what it is to teach yoga in modern times.

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Stand Out as a Yoga Teacher

5 ways to grow your classes, connect with your students and transform your student’s lives ….without a big following or decades of experience.

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Astrology for Yoga Teachers

Create yoga sequences that align with the energy of the moon cycles.

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Why We Need A Yoga Teacher Conf

Yoga teachers need a space where we can share and explore ideas, gain new knowledge, and be our authentic selves. The Yoga Teacher Conf vibrates and resonates with the collective energy of co-creating, of support, of increasing and attracting knowledge, deeper learning, and abundance.

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The Yoga Teacher Conf is for the yoga teacher who…

is ready to create a profitable business
Feels burned-out
Is searching for more clients
wants connection with others
just graduated from YTT
build their business and online presence
lost their studio teaching job
has a message to share