Sirena’s Star Report: January 2022

Happy New Year!

Halfway through Capricorn season and an approaching Capricorn New Moon on January 2 invites us to embrace hard work, discipline, and tradition. A perfect time for setting new goals and intentions for the new year 2022. Spend time alone, at least just for some quiet contemplation, restorative yoga is great for that. A new moon phase typically sees us experiencing lower energy and being more introspective. New moons are new beginnings, write down your year word, goals, or new intentions. It is ok to adjust your plans and consider what works and what doesn’t work as you travel the new year path.

Capricorn loves to build things from the ground up, so work with the highest vision of your goal to set practical steps forward.

Putting together a structure now for your new intention will help you follow through, stay consistent and reach each milestone. Capricorn rules the knees, you may start to feel extra energy here especially with so many planetary influences in this area: Pluto (evolution), Venus (love & relationship), Sun (ego identity), and Moon (emotions), with Mercury (communication & thinking) not far behind!

On January 14 Mercury in Aquarius starts its backward movement and turns retrograde. This planet rules thinking, communicating, and learning. This is the first one of the new year.

It is a time to work with the projects and goals already on your plate, rather than start anything new.

Aquarius likes independence and detachment, you may be reassessing your future and contemplating how you communicate with yourself and others. As it moves backwards into  Capricorn, the energy moves to the knees and what they represent – foundations. If you are not feeling grounded and need to reevaluate, the move into this Earth sign provides some stability.

On January 17 the Cancer Full Moon is encouraging full emotional release. If you haven’t processed 2021, it may catch up with you here and offer healing space.

It is time to let go, release, and surrender to the strong emotional wells building up inside of you. Give yourself permission to have a good cry or a good laugh and express yourself, dynamic meditation is a fantastic way to process through strong difficult emotions. The sign of Cancer rules the stomach, cook yourself or someone you love a delicious meal or get some yummy take out. It is a great time to nurture yourself, family, or someone you love and provide a healing balm in life.

On January 19 the Sun moves out of heavy Earth Capricorn and into light and airy Aquarius, which rules the ankles, calves, and circulatory system. This sign is ruled by Uranus, which just shifted direct the day before, the Sun illuminates a life sector in your chart that wants stimulation and change! The energy moves to the ankles and encourages flexibility, a lesson for this fixed air sign.

Thoughts, ideas, and perspectives that may have been stagnant for a while will experience a jolt of energy, like lightening you may experience an awakening in your chart Aquarius houses.

This air sign dreams for the collective, taking care of one another, humanitarianism. It thinks outside of the box, loves innovation, technology, and forward thinking. It is time to break out of a rut, Aquarius is the rebel and loves independence as well. If you are feeling stuck, now is the time to try something new. It is ok to break with tradition to honor your individual uniqueness!

One of the most significant events of 2022 is on January 19 when the Lunar Nodes officially change signs to Taurus (north – future) and Scorpio (south – past).

The nodes of the moon determine the eclipses and there will be four in 2022. Check for Taurus in your chart, it is the north node and indicates where you are going over the next 18 months. This sign rules the throat, you will experience a desire to express yourself even more as the throat chakra is activated. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign and loves security and stability through material things. Find value in yourself and speak your truth, this shift supports that. Check for Scorpio in your chart, it is the south node and indicates where you have been. It represents the past, and the life sector it is eclipsing is allowing for a change in habits and patterns. You are breaking cycles. Scorpio rules the pelvis and genitals, the area of creation of not only life but also manifestation of intentions.

We end the month with Venus in Capricorn moving direct on January 29.

This planet of love, partnership, and relationships has been retrograding since December 19. Over these past 40 days and 40 nights, our close relationships have been under review, our heart has been on pause. We will finally feel like we are able to move forward with a new clarity of what we really want and desire in our close relationships and partnerships. Express your practical needs to your significant other, because when our basic needs are fulfilled, we can feel more secure in our root chakra. Earthy Capricorn in the relationship planet adds a sense of stability for loving others and especially our Self.

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