That will help you fill your classes and make more money.

8 Virtual Courses

Ready to help you build the business of your dreams so you can quit your job, take vacations or start your non-profit (or whatever is in your heart). 

Biz Basics to Stand Out from the Crowd

& Financial Well-Being for 2021 and Beyond

Biz Basics to Stand Out from the Crowd

In this interactive workshop, learn how to establish solid foundations to build an abundant yoga business that you love! We’ll explore your Story, Vision, Purpose and Mission in order to stand out from the crowd.

Nica Bautista

Nica Bautista

Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Marketing Coach

Nica Bautista is a Brisbane based Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Marketing Coach. Previously a full-time 9-5 marketing manager, Nica now helps fellow Yoga Teachers to build their communities and grow their Yoga Businesses using the power of Personal Branding and Digital Marketing.

As a Yoga Teacher herself, Nica knows first hand how important cultivating strong relationships and building communities are in order to build a soulful business that you love. Nica’s goal is to empower you with the marketing strategies that give you the confidence to stand out from the crowd, connect with more students worldwide and build an abundant yoga business on your own terms.

Learn more about Nica at her website.

Financial Well-Being for 2021 and Beyond

Find alignment and well-being with money and your yoga business. Overcome your mindset challenges so that you can confidently charge what you’re worth, achieve a lifestyle of freedom, build your legacy and live a life you love.

Sheryl Jackson

Sheryl Jackson

Business Coach for Yoga Teachers

Sheryl Jackson is a private yoga teacher, business coach and holistic wellness coach who helps yoga teachers and entrepreneurs looking to increase their income, attract more clients and ultimately boost their confidence as successful business owners.  

Learn more about Sheryl on her website

Specialize to Stand Out

& Keep Marketing Simple & Grow Your Yoga Business

Specialize to Stand Out

Are you feeling like it’s hard to stand out in the saturated yoga world? Do you struggle to get people to sign up for your yoga offerings and wonder why they even would with everything free and online? You are the unique ingredient to your yoga classes and workshops. No one on the planet has the combination of life experience, curiosity and training that you do. The trick is to figure out what your specialty is and then how to tell potential yoga students about it. Niche work isn’t easy, but Shannon Crow knows the difference it has made for her business. She has helped hundreds of yoga teachers to define their niche, so that they have a clear and focused message.

Shannon Crow

Shannon Crow

Yoga Teacher Trainer, Host of the Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

Shannon Crow is a yoga teacher, trainer and host of The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast. She is passionate about helping yoga teachers to specialize so that they can stand out with their unique yoga offerings. Shannon is the founder of Pelvic Health Professionals and a Mom to three of her best teachers.

Learn more about Shannon on her website

Keep Marketing Simple & Grow Your Yoga Business

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated (or icky!). By creating a super-simple marketing plan, you’ll have a plan to follow, just like a sequence guides your class. Step-by-step you will grow your yoga business and create the life and business of your dreams! In this session you’ll learn the steps to create a simple marketing plan, plus there’s a template to help you get started!

Amanda McKinney

Amanda McKinney

Founder Marketing Yoga with Confidence, Podcast Host

Amanda McKinney is a Marketing Coach whose passion is to instill confidence in yoga teachers by giving them permission to fully show up as themselves and the tools they need to see themselves as an entrepreneur and build a thriving yoga business.

Learn more about Amanda on her website

Upgrade Your Social Media Messaging!

& From Chaos to Clair-ity in Your Calendar: Time Management


Upgrade your Social Media Messaging!

Reimagine what alignment looks like to your Social Media. Marketing your yoga services or any services is not an easy feat, it can sometimes feel like you are posting everyday and trying to keep up with all the IG updates. And this can feel overwhelming and at times isolating.

Learn how to be in alignment with your voice, prioritize community care, and create opportunities to empower underrepresented identities.

You will be given tools to (re)discover a clear plan to move forward. You will walk away with action steps towards integrating equity with your offerings.

Raudhah Rahman

Raudhah Rahman

Founder Digital Incubator, ERYT 500

Raudhah Rahman (she/her), E-RYT 500, migrated to the United States at 16 as a First Generation Muslim Woman who saw a chance at freedom of self expression. In this quest, Raudhah has a degree in Biotechnology and a Masters in Genetics. Through her academic studies, she has worked with Educational start-ups and Duke University. The practice and philosophy of yoga has tethered her through countless leaps of faith and often times questionable choices.

Now, Raudhah supports yoga teachers through Digital Incubator, a digital container for yoga teachers to master their pivot online.

Learn more about Raudhah on her website

From Chaos to Clair-ity in Your Calendar: Time Management

Why am I burned out? How come I feel like I have so much to do yet nothing gets done? Where do I find time for my own personal yoga/meditation practice?

Join Reneé Clair for help with these questions and more in this workshop! This training is specifically designed for yoga + meditation teachers (because Reneé is one!). You’ll create a framework so you can practice what you preach: scheduling in self-care you feel proud about and setting boundaries for your business as well as your personal life. Your Root and Sacral Chakras will thank you!

You’ll learn how to create your own time blocking schedule, how to group your tasks to increase your productivity and how to set better personal and professional boundaries. There will also be plenty of time throughout the workshop for questions!

You’ll also receive The From Chaos to Clair-ity in Your Calendar e-Workbook to help you during and after the workshop.

Ready to dive in?! Can’t wait, Fellow Light Worker!

Renee Clair

Renee Clair

Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Technical Recruiter, Productivity Coach

Reneé Clair is a yoga + meditation teacher, technical recruiter and productivity coach. She helps wellness entrepreneurs lighten their workload so they have more time and energy to enlighten others! Her clients gain deep values of boundary-setting and self-compassion through her fun approach to otherwise dull productivity tasks. Reneé ​s​pecialize​s in process, project and change management​ which often include helping wellnesspreneurs with recruiting, training, automation and time management.​ Reneé holds a MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology as well as a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification.

On a personal note, Renee lives in San Antonio, TX and works from home to spend lots of quality time with her 15yo Chihuahua mix named “Nilla” (like vanilla), travels often to her favorite state of CA, loves to sing karaoke and is a big fan of chocolate and tea.

Learn more about Renee on her website

How to Create a Great Yoga Teacher Website &

How to Use Email to Get Consistent Income in Your Yoga Business


How to Create a Great Yoga Teacher Website

In this session, Amanda will walk you through why it’s important to have a yoga teacher website, what key pages to include on your website, and how to get started today in creating your website. You will come away from this session feeling empowered to build your yoga teacher website in a simple and affordable way!

Amanda Kingsmith

Amanda Kingsmith

Host & Founder of Mastering the Business of Yoga (M.B.OM), Yoga Business Coach, 500-RYT

Amanda Kingsmith is a 500-hour RYT, a yoga business coach, the host and founder of Mastering the Business of Yoga (M.B.Om), and a world traveler. She blends her background in business with her love of yoga and is passionate about helping yoga teachers create careers that they are passionate about and that are sustainable. Amanda is also the co-host of The World Wanderers, a podcast on travel and travel as a lifestyle. When she’s not practicing or teaching yoga, you can find Amanda traveling the world with her husband, Ryan, hiking mountains, or curling up with a cup of tea and a good book.Amanda Kingsmith is a 500-hour RYT, a yoga business coach, and a world traveler. She blends her background in business with her love of yoga and is passionate about helping yoga teachers create careers that they are passionate about and that are sustainable. Amanda is also the co-host of The World Wanderers, a podcast on travel and travel as a lifestyle. When she’s not practicing or teaching yoga, you can find Amanda traveling the world with her husband, Ryan, hiking mountains, or curling up with a cup of tea and a good book.

You can learn more about Amanda at www.mbomyoga.com.

How to Use Email to Get Consistent Income in Your Yoga Business

You teach yoga because it’s your purpose but purpose doesn’t naturally pay the bills. Right now, you’re so stressed about keeping the (mostly virtual) doors open that you aren’t always showing up your best in class. What you need now is to better predict your income and then figure out how to grow it. In this 60-minute class, we’ll create a 90-day email marketing strategy and help you use it to scale your new yoga biz.

Aleia Walker

Aleia Walker

Email Marketing Copywriter

Aleia is an email marketing copywriter who helps creatives turned educators create marketing strategies for their digital products.

When she’s not working 1-on-1 creating and implementing evergreen strategies with clients, you’ll probably find her teaching the importance of welcome sequences to audiences like Rising Tide Society, Creative at Heart, Summit in a Box, Pin Potential Summit, Rebel Boss, and other super niched down summits where she can help prepare you to scale in a way that creates less stress and more sales. A Creative Writing major turned web developer (with a few stops in between) Aleia’s found a way to blend her love of words and tech skills to create experiences that move customers and clients into action (aka cha-ching.) And that equals profits in your pockets so you can spend more time serving your people, building your dream business, and your dream life.

Learn more about Aleia on her website

Founder, Host & Cheerleader

Allison Rissel

Allison Rissel

Allison Rissel

Founder, Host & Cheerleader

Allison believes one good yoga teacher can change a life and create a community. Her passion is training yoga teachers to be knowledgeable, safe, ethical & authentic leaders allowing them to build mindful communities.

She became a yoga teacher in 2006. In addition to her master’s degree in exercise physiology, she has completed over 1,600 hours of yoga and yoga therapy trainings.

She believes in the power of community and has dedicated her life to helping build yoga communities. She is the co-founder of the North Dakota Yoga Conference, the 406 Yoga Conference and the Yoga Teacher Conf.

Her teacher trainings are filled with information, confidence building and laughter. Allison currently resides in Longmont, CO with her husband Sean. When you see her at the conference, make sure to say HI, even if she’s running around like crazy. 😉

Let her help you design your next workshop, teacher training or event: www.AllisonRissel.com

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