Sirena’s Star Report: August

Leo season has arrived!

A much-needed fire sign to dry out the watery emotional month of Cancer. Leo provides us courage and heart to face challenges, it rules over the heart and spine so work spinal twists and heart openers into your practice this month. Apart from some Saturn in Aquarius oppositions to the Sun and Mercury in Leo early in the month, which always serve up a dish of difficulty, August feels like one of the more balanced months of 2021.

It is unusual to have a lot of planets in their “home” signs, however this month sees Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius. This means we have a lot of positive and harmonious energy to work with. 

A new beginning is ushered in on August 8th with a New Moon in Leo at 16°. This day is also known as the climax of the “Lion’s Gate” because the ancient star Sirius reaches its climax in the night sky and manifestation energy is strong.

A new moon sign is a dark moon to plant new seeds and nourish new intentions. It will conjunct Mercury in Leo, therefore your words (written and spoken) are way more powerful than ever before!

Something in your life is calling to you through your heart center, something you dearly love to express and make it come true. Now is the time to do that and set a new intention!

Do keep in mind though that it is square Uranus and opposite Saturn, directly activating the yearlong Saturn-Uranus square. The two squares at the beginning of the year may have felt outside of ourself, like it didn’t affect us. However, this activation turns deeply personal. Tap into meditation to sit with it and listen. You may not have the answers yet, but the growth is already happening.

On August 19th, the planet of awakening, Uranus goes retrograde at 13° Taurus. Around this date, you may start to feel like signs are emerging and serendipities are happening way more often. Uranus’ energy will intensify as it shifts direction, if you try to hold on too tight, don’t be surprised if you are suddenly thrown in a different direction.


A revelation of sorts is on its way, be open to reflection.

This planet often brings clarity and makes you more aware of the subtle energies and information that surround you all the time, take this as an opportunity to dive even deeper into yoga practice. Tune in to tune out and align yourself with a higher truth.

On August 22nd there is a blue moon in Aquarius at 29°. Why a blue moon? Because it is the second full moon in the sign of Aquarius and it will illuminate something in your life that is coming full circle from the July 23rd Full Moon in Aquarius at 1°. It is a highly auspicious and good luck moon because it is conjunct with the great benefic planet of Jupiter in Aquarius.

If around the new moon in Leo August 8th you felt the impact of bigger personal challenges, then this blue moon will illuminate a solution.

Just a few hours after the Full Moon, the Sun enters Virgo and the steps to attain our goals become clarified and organized. It is time to get to work. Virgo rules the 6th house of routine, daily work, and health. You will finally find light on what you want and what you don’t want.


Purge the old and make room for the new. Virgo has a plan and will implement it.



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