Sirena’s Star Report: April

We enter April with a burning desire for Winter to be over, to dry out from the emotional and water drenched March. Keep that fire lit inside because Spring and Aries season has arrived!

Those last bits of cold are warming, and energy is building to sprout new blossoms, buds, and intentions in the northern hemisphere. We are shifting from the water and fire of March to a more active and stable fire and earth of April. Spotlight the Niyama, Tapas, to heat you and your student’s souls – what is driving you to move forward? What action steps are you taking to stay disciplined and excited about your practice?

Coming out of hibernation takes a lot of drive and momentum to shift from sleepy rest to awakening change.

The planet of communication and intellectual pursuits, Mercury, is making big shifts this month.

Currently in Pisces, our minds and messaging can seem scattered and muddled, not really saying what we mean and escaping from revealing the truth. Mercury is not comfortable here and will receive a boost when he enters Aries on April 4.

Fighting words! Well, maybe but maybe not, just take a deep breath before you decide to say anything. We may want to express ourselves with more force. Cooling breath like Anuloma Viloma Pranayama will help you to remember to pause before the message.

A new moon in Aries on April 11 may not help to cool us off, however.

Dark moons are typically lower energy and more introverted, but when it is in the fire sign Aries, there is no rest. That inner flame of creative action will be super active, any silence or isolation you find will only bring in more ideas and a desire to implement.

New moons are new beginnings – don’t let it get to your head though! Aries rules the head, keep watch for headaches, migraines, allergies, and sinus problems. Your senses of vision, hearing, taste, and smell will be heightened. How can you relieve extra sensory stimulation? Look to somatic practices to work with the over stimulation and try to ground. Slow yourself down in an intentional inversion, one that you connect with, even as simple as a wide legged forward fold.


Fire eventually burns out and we need some grounding. The second half of the month offers us security and stability in Earthy Taurus.

Enjoyment seeking Venus slips into Taurus April 14, a sign that it rules and is very comfortable in. Time to slow down, love and delight are in the air. If our senses were over stimulated from the Aries New Moon, now is time to indulge them with slow and steady pleasure. Cook your favorite meal and feed it to those you love, buy yourself flowers and arrange around your home, light incense on your home altar, and turn on your favorite music. All in the name of grounding and enjoying, your root chakra will thank you. Taurus seeks out harmony and stability, it wants to feel secure and hates surprises.

April 19 ushers the Sun (Ego) and Mercury (Communication) into Taurus, offering us a chance to reevaluate the value we place on material things and ourselves.

This sign rules the throat and neck, where we find our voice. How can you help yourself and student’s find their voice? Start with a simple chanting of the throat chakra bij mantra “HAM”. Place focus on neck stretching and strengthening, especially that connection into the upper back and shoulders. The Sun will eventually move into these areas in May.

On April 26, we close out the month when the Sun in Taurus opposes the moon in Scorpio for a full moon, releasing all that pent up energy.

The veil thins between the Spirit world and the physical realm increasing intuition and connection to our higher chakras. This is a wonderful time to practice meditation and face the shadows, to dig into the depths to discover what hides below the surface. Scorpio is the sign that rules the darker side of the Zodiac and is comfortable diving into emotion to evolve and transform.

Growth is found when we get uncomfortable so no more Taurean escapism through pleasure! We must finally get to work, face the situation, and make a move towards transformation. A full moon ritual will help you release that which does not serve you or excite you. Make room for what does! Start to build that curiosity about life and your unfolding path. Scorpio rules the reproductive system, time to plant the seed of your new intention, nourish it, and give birth to it. A new paradigm awaits!

Sirena’s Star Report is based on Western Astrology.



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