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EMPOWER Your Yoga Teaching and Life

Sept 23 – 25, 2022  |  Chicago, IL

“Absolutely worth every penny. It is a beautiful way to connect with yourself, your teaching and later with your students. I learned and expanded my awareness on many topics. The presenters were phenomenal!.”

~ 2020 Elevate Participant

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Yoga Teacher Journey

Never Ends

Your yoga journey doesn’t stop once you have completed your 200 hours.

In fact, for many of us that is when the journey really begins.

The Yoga Teacher Conf provides affordable continuing education, community support and connection for yoga teachers around the world.

We create safe spaces for yoga instructors to ask questions, decompress and encourage them to go deeper into their bodies and their beings, where they can unashamedly fill their own cups in order to help and guide others to fill theirs.

Here, you are part of a community of others like themselves. Where ideas are shared and explored, where knowledge is gained, where authenticity is encouraged.

A community that vibrates and resonates with the collective energy of co-creating, of support, of increasing and attracting knowledge, deeper learning, and abundance.

I left every single session thinking that it alone was worth the entire cost to attend the conference (including travel!). Everything was beautifully organized and an awesome opportunity to deep dive into so many yoga-specific topics in one place, in one weekend.

Angela Davis - YTC ELEVATE 2022

Free Trainings for Yoga Teachers

Redefine the Role of Yoga Teacher – Social Justice & Leadership

It is time to expand and upgrade your job description. Explore the deeper layers of what it is to teach yoga in modern times.

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Stand Out as a Yoga Teacher

5 ways to grow your classes, connect with your students and transform your student’s lives ….without a big following or decades of experience.

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Astrology for Yoga Teachers

Create yoga sequences that align with the energy of the moon cycles.

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Why We Need A Yoga Teacher Conf

Yoga teachers need a space where we can share and explore ideas, gain new knowledge, and be our authentic selves. The Yoga Teacher Conf vibrates and resonates with the collective energy of co-creating, of support, of increasing and attracting knowledge, deeper learning, and abundance.

See the Schedule!

The schedule is LIVE for the Yoga Teacher Conf – EMPOWER. Join us in Chicago September 23-25, 2022.

Insurance for Yoga Teachers

beYogi supports yoga teachers and YTT students with yoga liability insurance that covers you in-person, live online and with on-demand video. Click below for special insurance rates with the Yoga Teacher Conf’s partner beYogi.

Something for Everyone

What Will I Learn?

We have 9 rooms which means you have 9 different classes to choose from within each time slot.  Our rooms have designated themes to ensure variety at all times of the day.


Try a new style of yoga or challenge your body physically.


Learn more about anatomy and how it applies to your students in their yoga poses.

Living Your Yoga

Classes to help you take your yoga off the mat and into the world.

Beyond Asana

Learn all the tools of yoga – pranayama, meditation, chanting, ritual, self-inquiry and more!

Teaching Skills

Become a better teacher and make a bigger impact in your community.


Feel confident with your business skills and finally build the yoga business of your dreams.

Yoga Therapy

All classes taught by IAYT-APD professionals to help teach and enhance your yoga therapy practice.

Classical / Ayurveda

Spiritual yoga and ayurveda classes according to the ancient wisdom of the Vedas.

Business for Studios

Studio owners have unique needs. Gain the business skills to help elevate your studio to the next level or finally get your studio off the ground!

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Wellness Living - Yoga Teacher Conf

The Yoga Teacher Conf is for the yoga teacher who…

is ready to create a profitable business
Feels burned-out
Is searching for more clients
wants connection with others
just graduated from YTT
build their business and online presence
lost their studio teaching job
has a message to share

September 23-25, 2022: Empower Your Yoga Teaching & Life